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Wild Chickens, roosters and families of baby chicks are everywhere, running through parking lots, backyards, roads, jungles and golf courses. The roosters are usually a beautiful red color, occasionally speckled with white spots. The hens are good mothers, constantly looking after their small chicks. They do not just cock-a-doodle-doo at first light, but all day too.

The story about where they came from is that early Polynesians and Europeans brought chickens to Kauai. The Filipinos brought the brightly colored fighting cocks, and Walla, the wild chickens. It is said that with Hurricane ‘Iniki, the domestic chickens and fighting roosters were freed from their cages to roam and multiply. On a recent trip to Tahiti, the same wild chickens were everywhere as well, so I question this theory. But why so many??

Kauai Wild Chicken Recipe

1 Kauai wild chicken
1 large onion
1 bunch seasoning spices of your choosing
1 large rock
Salt and pepper

Put all ingredients into a large covered pot. Simmer over a low flame for several hours. Remove the rock. Discard the chicken. Eat the rock.

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