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Kauai Information > Common Kauai Plants

Kauai is known as the Garden Island. To familiarize you with the plants that give Kauai that nickname these are some of the common plants you’ll see.

Taro is also known as Kalo. The earliest Polynesian settlers introduced it. Taro grows in many other places than Hawaii. There’s wetland and dryland Taro. Taro was one of the primary foods in Hawaii and is still eaten today.

Plumeria (pictured left) are also known as lei flowers. They were introduced from tropical America in the 1860s. They grow to be large shrubs or small trees. They come in different colors.

Hibiscus comes in thousands of different colors. The native species of hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower.

Bananas are actually giant herbs. They can be used in cooking or just peeled and eaten.

Mangos were brought to Hawaii in the 1800s from India. Some people develop reactions when they eat them. They are good shade trees and if they have enough heat they are fast growing.

Papayas are herbs that grow ten to twelve feet high but they are short lived.

Coconut Palms: When coconuts are younger the “meat” is more delicate. Don’t park under these palms. Falling coconuts can crack a windshield and dent cars.

Birds of Paradise are recognized by their brilliant colors and distinctive shape.

Ginger is a favorite in flower arrangements. There are different types of ginger: red, white and pink. Some are used to wash hair.

Ti was considered sacred to the Hawaiian people. It’s used for lots of different things including medicinally. Ti was a symbol of power and high rank.

Palm Trees: there are lots of different species. They come in different shapes and sizes.

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